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 Here is the 2015 first quarter surplus decleration for the Legacy B Southeast

Merry Christmas


Local Presidents, State Staff Representatives, and Medical Designees:

The 2015 Active Open Enrollment started today. On the enrollment information there are some name changes that are confusing. The BCBS PPO/POS plan name has been changed to Southeast HCN. This plan is still Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, and the HCN stands for Health Care Network.


Also on page 5 of the booklet, it talks about Fully-Insured Manage Care options, or FIMCO. That is the new name for HMO’s. HMO’s are not offered in every area, but the booklet is not for the Southeast only.


Thought this information would help when your members call with questions.



Anne Strickland

4 Quarter 2014 Surplus Announcement

Moral Monday in Charlotte September 1st

Remembering Ron "Commodore" Hilton



Sadly this is our CWA Member Ron Hilton that worked for many years in
Charlotte as a Facility Tech (Lineman)! Ron retired not too many years
ago. He was once a supervisor but cut back to craft and finished out his
as a CWA Member of Local 3603. Ron was a pleasure to work with! I spent
my outside career as a Service Tech so I did not get to spend much time
with him. Most all of the old timers that were linemen should remember Ron.
He loved boats! He would sometimes bring his boat over to 24th Street
and to Enterprise Drive wearing his "captains cap" and I would tell the
younger fellows that this is what you can obtain if you work hard and
save your
money then you can get rich like Ron Hilton, buy a yacht, and be a sea
captain! I would jokingly call him "Commodore Hilton" and he loved it!

I am glad that after Ron retired from Bell that he was able to pursue a
career out at sea. May God richly bless and comfort his family during
their loss.

-Ed Love

 Here is the lates surplus declaration

Surplus announcment: Read more >>>

As with all the other Mobility contracts, the one we just completed with AT&T involved difficult bargaining. In light of the company’s position on economic issues and refusal to make many changes in language we proposed, the bargaining team believes we achieved the best contract possible. This is a tentative agreement until ratified by majority vote of members. Your Bargaining Committee unanimously recommends ratification of this agreement. Read more >>>

Your Mobility Bargaining committee met today with AT&T Company representatives and each Chair gave opening remarks prior to start of bargaining.

We, the CWA Bargaining Committee, are proud to represent over 13,000 Mobility employees in the District 3 Contract.

We are committed to reach an agreement that meets legitimate needs of the Company while at the same time, achieving economic gains for our members as well as improving the working conditions they deal with every day.

We feel confident we can achieve both.

AT&T states that Mobility is the future of their business. The employees of Mobility, our members, are the core of that business. They are the ones that help make the company’s billion dollar profits. AT&T needs to recognize the value of the employees rather than treating them as mere numbers that are required to make unrealistic goals, goals that are ever changing. Our members deserve to be recognized for what they achieve everyday in the workplace. If not for them, AT&T Mobility would just be another Wireless company.

The corporate parent, AT&T, knows the success of the company is tied to the success of the wireless side and we want a share of that success. There is no reason for any concessionary proposals from the company.

The Union does not propose significant changes in the existing contract; however, we do expect a substantial wage increase and improvement in language that has not met the needs of the membership.

Gerald W. Souder
CWA Representative

Read more >>>

Surplus announcement is here. Charlotte is declaring 1 Maintenance Administrator in the surplus.

Congratulations to our 2013 CWA Halloween Coloring Contest winners: Abigail Grant (6), Nirobi Dunlap (7) and Matthew Sammartino (4).

**CORRECTION*** 4QT2013 SE Surplus Declaration

BST 3 qt surplus

Wire Techs only!


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Congratulations to the 2014 Coloring Contest winners: Eufa Adabo, Ellie Black and Brianna Williams.


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